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The project started in the early 2000s. More than 20 years have passed since the first version of the site. It was created in a radical #anarchist #environment and was designed for young people who had recently graduated from universities, but instead of respect for the profession, they found #exploitation and deception in the #labor #market. These were the main users of the #Internet in #Russia at that time.
The aesthetics of the site, name and approach are a joke on the portal, at that time the largest job search service. It created the illusion of a stable #future, everything as usual – happy people in office clothes who are pursuing their career aspirations and strive for some form of American-Russian middle-class dream. In practice, for most of those looking for work in Russia, there are no bright prospects and career aspirations. And if there is, then reality quickly puts them in place.
#Reality can be changed, but only the workers themselves can do this, if they understand their position and will fight for better working conditions. The mission of our collective is to promote “direct action” in solving labor conflicts and create a place for coordination of forces in the #class #struggle, as opposed to the judicial-bureaucratic system, which in fact acts in the interests of our class enemies. To do this, we collect and distribute feedback, which is the voice of the workers themselves. From these we form a database – the “black list of employers”, and the Internet indexing mechanisms help to spread it.

#union #selforganization #solidarity #economy #left #antijob #kazakhstan #belarus #opression